Unique Father’s Day gifts to impress Dad this year

By Lyre's Spirit Co

21st Apr 2022

Unique Father’s Day gifts to impress Dad this year

Is there anything quite like a dad? With their extraordinary ability to tell cringe-worthy jokes and the way they always put their family first, not much beats the unique and special traits of the father-like figures (including grandpas, uncles, brothers, same-sex parents, or anyone you think deserves recognition as Dad) in our lives.

Although dads often say they don’t want anything for Father’s Day, we think it’s the perfect time to show them just how much they mean to us with unique Father’s Day gift ideas as special as Dad!

Non-alcoholic cocktail recipes

Dads can be quite brilliant in the kitchen, so add to their genius and enjoyment with a unique Father’s Day gift featuring some of the finest non-alcoholic, hangover-free cocktail recipes that ever existed. 

Whether Dad's favourite is an  Old Fashioned, or perhaps a Whiskey Sour, if you don’t have time to handmake a journal for Dad, the fantastical first edition of Lyre’s impossibly crafted creations includes 80 beautifully presented pages filled with Lyre’s bestselling non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic cocktail recipes.

A homemade goodie box with all Dad’s favourites

Let a homemade goodie box packed with all Dad’s favourite things express how much you love and appreciate everything Dad does for you. Throw in some favourite snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, sauces, everyday dad-duty items, some warm new socks or fuzzy pair of slippers, and let them spend the day munching away with their feet up.

This unique Father’s Day gift lets you customise your goodie box as much as you need, so your box will be as perfectly unique as Dad is.

A cool new cooler box

For the outdoorsy dad that loves adventure, a brand new cooler is a dream come true. Make sure to gift one that’s as tough as nails and with lots of space to hold food, drinks and plenty of ice. For bonus points, find one that you can personalise or fill the cooler with some ready-made non-alcoholic cocktail cans to get Dad started for his next adventure.

Unique ice moulds for a unique dad

Chill Dad’s non-alcoholic cocktails in style with unique ice moulds for a unique Father’s Day gift as special as Dad. You could find a mould representing something Dad loves, something that reminds you of them, or even just an extra-cool, oversized mould that’ll chill Dad’s cocktail more evenly and melt slower (preventing dilution) for an even tastier libation.

A tea or coffee box

Does Dad love tea or coffee? An assortment of tea and coffee handpicked and customised just for Dad is a unique Father’s Day gift that’ll get Dad’s morning started right, every day!

Package it up in a special box with thank you notes, and slip in the impossibly crafted Lyre’s Coffee Original to make it extra special.

New grilling gear

Let’s face it; no one grills burgers like Dad does. So for the dad whose grill is their domain, give the gift of sizzling new grilling gear for a unique Father’s Day gift idea that’ll show how much you appreciate Dad’s grilling efforts. We recommend some new tools, spices and sauces, a practical apron, and the ultimate martini set to officially give Dad ‘a license to grill’ (every dad tells that joke, right?).

Unique accessories

For a unique Father’s Day gift that’s somewhere between sentimental and fancy, wrap up some elegant accessories to complete Dad’s debonair look. Business meetings, formal affairs, and whistle wetting shindigs will be made extra special with new cufflinks, tie clips, a belt, or a watch.

A notebook and pen for the dad that likes lists

The iconic pen and paper; what a classic combination! For the father-like figures that - for one reason or another - enjoy making lists and checking things off, a notebook and pen set is a rather exquisite, highly useful, and unique Father’s Day gift.

To make it even more special, paste a photo of you and Dad on the first page and write a heartfelt note just for Dad.





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