Non-Alcoholic Seasonal Drinks Guide 2022

By Lyre's Spirit Co

8th Jun 2022

Non-Alcoholic Seasonal Drinks Guide 2022

Each season brings new and exciting flavors perfectly suited to the world outside. Winter and fall nights are long and chilly; it’s a time we find ourselves craving warming beverages by cosy fireplaces, while spring and summer nourishes an appetite for refreshing mocktails full of fresh berries. Read on to discover seasonal drinks you can add to your soirees and shindigs this season and in the seasons to come!


When the flowers start to bloom, the trees begin to grow new leaves, and the sound of hatchlings sing in their nests, it’s time to gather your friends and embrace the outdoors once again. Whether you’re hosting a springtime brunch or having a garden party, we recommend adding these seasonal drinks to your springtime festivities:

Lyre’s Negroni

The Negroni, while simple to make with just three stirred ingredients, is devilishly complex, refreshing, and layered with bitter, zesty notes of grapefruit and juniper. The intricate combination of flavors in this refreshing mocktail makes it well suited for enjoying alongside snacks and appetisers as an aperitif drink at your next springtime picnic.

You’ll need:


  • Add ingredients to an old fashioned glass and stir briefly over fresh cubed ice
  • Garnish with a zesty, citrusy orange slice

Lyre’s Daiquiri

As one of the most refreshing mocktails in the known universe, the Daiquiri is often the go-to beverage of cocktail connoisseurs, vacationers and socialites during springtime shindigs and merriments. The Daiquiri’s perfect balance of white rum and cane sugar creates an exquisite taste that’s best enjoyed with friends and family at your next weekend brunch to celebrate relaxing weekends with fine weather.

You’ll need:


  • Add ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice
  • Fine strain into a classy cocktail coupette
  • Garnish with lime zest


Nothing says summer like outdoor festivities surrounded by your favorite people, good food, and sparkling summer mocktails reminiscent of sunshine itself. Refreshing summer drinks (non-alcoholic variations) full of fruit and effervescence are the perfect accompaniment to morning soirees on sun-dappled patios and dinners with friends in the warm afternoon sun. We recommend these seasonal drinks for summer:

Lyre’s Summer Spritz

With hints of elderflower, orange, and passionfruit fluttering about like butterflies in a meadow of tonic, Lyre’s Summer Spritz is incredibly refreshing and altogether delicious.

You’ll need:


  • Add ingredients into your favorite oversized or stemless wine glass
  • Stir and fill with ice
  • Garnish with a tablespoon of summery passionfruit pulp and a plump mint sprig

Lyre’s Pink London Spritz

If summer were a cocktail, it would be the bubbly, incandescent spritz. Lyre’s Pink London Spritz is deliciously refreshing and incredibly versatile. Make it as sweet or dry as your heart desires (simply switch tonic water with lemonade for a sweeter finish) and fill with all your favorite berries for summer vibes in a glass.

You’ll need:


  • Add ingredients into your most summery large wine glass
  • Fill with ice and stir
  • Garnish with raspberries (or your berry of choice) and citrusy lemon slices


When the leaves begin turning warm shades of red and yellow, and the mornings have a chill that makes it that little bit harder to get out of bed, you know fall has officially arrived. The good news? It’s almost time for those cosy winter mocktails that warm the mind, body and soul in a way that only warm winter drinks can. We recommend these seasonal drinks for fall:

Lyre’s Gin Gin Mule

What do you get when you take a mule, a mojito, and add a dash of Lyre’s Dry London Spirit? A Gin Gin Mule! As cosy as it is delicious, this classy gin and gin(ger) drink evokes warm memories of chilly nights spent dipping ginger biscuits in toasty, hot beverages.

You’ll need:

  • 2 parts (60mL) Lyre’s Dry London Spirit
  • ¼ part (7.5mL) white sugar syrup (1:1)
  • ½ part (15mL) lime juice
  • 3 parts (90mL) of premium ginger ale
  • 8 mint leaves


  • Add ingredients into a tall and fancy highball glass
  • Fill with ice and stir
  • Garnish with a zesty lime wedge and plump mint sprigs

Lyre’s Blackberry Smash

This seriously good, refreshingly fruity mocktail is loaded with fresh blackberries, fragrant mint, and American Malt; the perfect beverage for a colourful fall day. Bottoms up!

You’ll need:

  • 2 parts (60mL) Lyre’s American Malt
  • ½ part (15mL) white sugar syrup (1:1)
  • ½ part (15mL) lime juice
  • 4 blackberries
  • 8 mint leaves


  • Muddle blackberries and mint with sugar syrup in a shaker
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and shake with ice
  • Strain into an old fashioned glass over fresh ice
  • Garnish with a plump mint sprig and a blackberry on a skewer

Lyre’s Manhatten

The Manhatten is the midnight cowboy of cocktails (minus the glamorous cowboy hat, but complete with non-alcoholic whiskey). Start with a hefty pour of American Malt and throw in an unexpected fruity twist, and you have yourself an impeccable seasonal drink for fall.

You’ll need:


  • Stir ingredients briefly with ice
  • Strain into your classiest martini glass or small coupette
  • Garnish with a maraschino cherry


When the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, then winter is here, and it’s time for cosy winter mocktails that are basically hugs in mugs (except not actually mugs - more like snazzy cocktail glasses with a bit of pizazz). During winter, you’ll probably be rugged up next to a fireplace or wrapped in blankets like a toasty cinnamon bun. We recommend enjoying these seasonal drinks to wrap up those chilly winter evenings:

Lyre’s Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour has been satisfying thirsty drinkers and waking up the sleepiest palate for over 150 years. It has an altogether delicious flavor, silky texture, and a full-body, thanks to a bit of whiskey, lemon juice, bitters and egg whites.

You’ll need:

  • 60mL Lyre’s American Malt
  • 30mL lemon juice
  • 15mL white sugar syrup (1:1)
  • 15mL egg white / aquafaba OR 4 drops of foaming agent
  • 2 dashes of aromatic bitters


  • Dry shake all the ingredients briefly
  • Add ice, shake hard, then strain into an Old Fashioned glass over fresh ice
  • Garnish with a zesty orange wedge and Maraschino cherry

Lyre’s Espresso Martini

Nothing warms the soul quite like a cup of coffee; nothing except Lyre’s Coffee Originale, of course. This sophisticated, classic winter mocktail enhances that cozy coffee flavor and brings it to the forefront of your palette to wake you up, then warm you up.

You’ll need:


  • Dry shake all the ingredients briefly
  • Half fill the shaker with ice, shake hard briefly, then strain into a cocktail coupette
  • Garnish with a coffee bean float






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