Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits Review: 'Exactly Like the Real Thing'

Journalist Alex Carlton is a big fan of a negroni cocktail, so what happened when she put the Lyre's Non-Alcoholic version to the test?

Making a Lyres negroni at home is easy, as Alex writes on Simply use equal parts of our Italian Orange, Aperitif Rosso and Dry London Spirit and follow our recipe.

"I bloody love a regular negroni. I have also been known to vomit violently after two, they’re that strong." says Alex.

A Lyre's Negroni cocktail

"These chic little concoctions, however, taste exactly like the real thing (I’m not kidding) but have zero alcohol."

"And – as if they were invented by a fairy godmother – next to no calories (I calculated one Lyre’s Faux Negroni has something like 20 total)."

"They are startlingly good facsimiles of the real thing and make me feel like I’m joining in when my partner is cracking out his nightly rum and Coke, but without the hangover hassles."

Thanks Alex. 




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