Designated Drivers - Why they deserve better.

Being designated driver is a selfless act taken to ensure our loved ones get home safely.

So why does no-one properly cater for these good samaritans at the party?

Jeff, 40, is one of many people taking one for the team.

"My partner works in sales and the client parties are relentless," he says.

"We often attend these events together, but this year I made the decision to drive whenever I can.

"It gives us a reason to get away a bit earlier so we can still go to the gym in the morning – this can be a really unhealthy time of the year otherwise."

Like many others, Jeff bemoans the meagre options on offer at most functions for non-drinkers.

"Getting offered a drink, asking for something non-alcoholic and being told the options are mineral water or coke is a bit disappointing," says Jeff.

"You feel like a pariah if you don't have a drink in your hand, and holding a soda only serves to advertise the fact that you are not drinking.

"People do tend treat you a bit differently if they know you're abstaining – asking why and making you feel like you're bringing down the vibe."

Jeff was excited to learn that Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits has made it possible for him to enjoy his favorite cocktails in an alcohol-free format.

"I do enjoy a good G&T, or a martini, so I'm definitely keen to give the London Dry Spirit a go," he says.

"I'd love if this was an option in all bars. I wouldn't feel left out so much being the driver if I was holding a drink that looks like the real deal.

"I don't really miss the alcohol at all, it is really just the social awkwardness of not feeling like you are part of the party."





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