Celebratory Mocktails For Cinco De Mayo 2024

By Lyre's Spirit Co

29th Apr 2024

Celebratory Mocktails For Cinco De Mayo 2024

While every holiday on the calendar is an excuse to celebrate and have some fun, few encourage the downing of libations quite like Cinco de Mayo. While some people like having a few servings of giggle juice, there are others who still want to join in on the fun, minus the alcohol. For these people, we suggest Cinco de Mayo mocktails.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the fifth of May, the date of the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. The holiday is celebrated all over Mexico and parts of the United States and honours the military victory of Mexico over the French forces of Napoleon III. However, the Mexican holiday has become a celebration of Mexican culture that centres around traditional music and cuisine.

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Get into the spirit and have a fiesta themed party with colourful streamers, balloons and even cultural Mexican music to create a truly authentic vibe. Quench your guests’ hunger with platters of Mexican cuisine consisting of chicken fajitas, nachos and mini burritos. To top it all off, place a Cinco de Mayo inspired mocktail in the hand of all your guests to celebrate the holiday.

Cinco De Mayo Mocktails

Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits are a healthier alternative because making mocktails with them means enjoying all the traditional flavors you know and love without the alcohol-related side effects. After all, drinks don’t need to contain alcohol to be enjoyed at celebrations.

Lyre’s Classic Margarita

With its zesty support cast of lime juice, sugar syrup, orange bitters, and hints of Sichuan pepper, this perfectly balanced drink combines with agave spirits to become one of the world’s best-loved cocktails. Mix yours with Lyre’s Agave Blanco Spirit and pair with Lyre’s Orange Sec. Now that’s a party. Everyone will be raving about this margarita at your Cinco de Mayo bash.

Lyre's Paloma

Cinco de Mayo would not be complete without the cousin to the margarita invited to the festivities. Lyre’s Paloma is a tasty beverage that partners with Lyre’s Agave Blanco Spirit and packs a flavorful punch with ground pepper notes. It’s usually paired with pink grapefruit or blood orange soda to give off its vibrant glow.

Lyre’s Mojito

This classic mocktail has cloudy origins, with some saying it was invented in the 1500s and others claiming it was the 1800s. We say 2022 will be the year you discover this classic beverage with a modern Lyre’s twist. The Lyre’s Mojito is sure to get the party started at your Cinco de Mayo festivities. Remember, don’t forget the lime!

Lyre's Watermelon & Chilli Margarita

Are you looking to spice things up? Discover this extraordinary meeting of sweet and savoury sensations in the form of jalapenos and watermelon. The chilli flaked glass rim adds some extra punch that launches non-alcoholic Lyre’s spirit into new heights. This vibrant drink is sure to be remembered - and repeated - well before Cinco de Mayo celebrations come around for another year.






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