8 Great Ways to Honor Mom This Year

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are all faced with quandary: how do we make Mama feel special during quarantine? Many of us will return to the same well: sending flowers or a card. These outdated practices leave us thirsty for something new (a Bianco Spritz set, perhaps). In these strange days how can we show our moms just how amazing they really are?

Leave it to Lyre's – we have hand-crafted a few ideas to really show Moms just how much they mean to us, especially if we aren’t able to tell them in person.

  1. Host a Mother’s Day brunch via FaceTime or zoom. There’s something special about being able to see Ma (even virtually) and share a meal with her in honor of this special day. Really get creative and make a brunch cocktail named after your Mom. Might we suggest an Italian Orange over ice?lyres-italian-orange-and-soda-winner-drink-easy.jpg
  2. Create a special playlist. Songs are the soundtracks of our lives, and we know that Mama plays a starring role. Take time to put some tunes together and show her just how special she is through music.
  3. Have a virtual happy hour. Invite the family and Mom’s friends to join! Even if she isn’t a keen to imbibe, there are several non-alcoholic options available. This will be a great way to gather the people who love her. Look no further than the Lyre’s lineup for inspiration!
  4. Make a slideshow of your favorite family photos and spend some time going through it on a call. Taking the time to reminisce about a favorite family vacation or a memorable event can be a great way to stay connected.
  5. Create a family recipe. Smell and taste are the senses that trigger memories the most. Having the same meal as your mom or having her favorite drink (Martini for Mumsy?) with her can make you feel together despite the distance.

  6. Donate to a cause she cares about. This one is pretty self-explanatory but means a ton, especially considering so many events that charities count on for funding have been postponed or canceled for health and safety reasons. And she’ll be so proud of you!
  7. Get her a subscription to a magazine. This is one of the easiest gifts you can give and most of the time you can do it from the largest online bookstore. Not only will you have Mother's Day covered but she be reminded of your thoughtfulness each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. Buy her a restaurant gift card. The hospitality industry is struggling, but you can help by grabbing a gift card to mom’s favorite spot and celebrating her day when it is safer for everyone.


From the team at Lyres we’d like to wish all the baby mamas and baby mamas' mamas the best Mother’s Day yet! Make sure to follow @lyresspiritco for more fun non-alcoholic and low-alcohol cocktails for any occasion!

Stay safe and #StaySpirited. 





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