• Lyre's Highland Sour Recipe
    Championed by British sailors the humble whisky sour lives on as the perfect blend of sweet and sour. The lemon juice was once used to combat scurvy, but we use it for that buoyant citrus flavor. Don’t forget the maraschino cherry.
  • Non-Alcoholic Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe
    A spin on Nanna's famous Christmas cake, without the rum that Nanna was famous for hiding in her knitting basket. Best enjoyed with family and friends.  
  • Non-Alcoholic Eggnog Mocktail Recipe
    Dust off that ugly Xmas sweater, put on It’s a Wonderful Life and help yourself to a goblet of Christmas in a glass. Eggnog plus American Malt = All your Christmases coming at once.
  • Lyre's Maple Coffee Cocktail
    With American Malt, whipped cream, egg whites, maple syrup and a splash of coffee, this is more of a decadent desert than cocktail. Best enjoyed in the drawing room whilst wearing your best velvet smoking jacket.
  • Lyre's Lynchburg Lemonade
    Originally created in the 80’s, this American whiskey highball pays homage to the distillery to where it was arguably was created, in Lynchburg Tennessee.
  • Lyre's Coconut Highball
    From Scottish Highlands, to American railroads, to Japan’s finest bars, the whisky highball is a cocktail of legend. The earthy Lyre’s Highland Malt is offset by aromatic coconut water, making this a Lyre’s original for the modern whisky aficionado.
  • Lyre's Peach Smash Recipe
    This beverage's bouquet is brimming with the rich, dark flavor of the Highland Malt, the herbal note of mint, the subtle citrus of lemon, and the freshness of a peach. Keep the ice on hand, this party pleaser is set for a few rounds.
  • Lyre's On The Rocks Recipe
    When the ancient Highland Scots first chilled their whisky on cold rocks, you could say they were on to something. With Lyre’s Highland Malt, in a dignified blend of toffees, peat, and oaks, you could say we’re on to something too.
  • Lyre's Poinsettia Non-Alcoholic Festive Cocktail Recipe
    Eminently refreshing; Satisfyingly quaffable! As elegant as it is simple. This delightfully red tipple is the perfect festive party starter.
  • Lyre's Lemon Sgroppino Festive Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
    Tart, citrusy, simple & tasty! A delicious & refreshing digestif. Perfect for when Christmas Lunch has you loosening off your belt buckle. Cin-Cin




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